“You look beautiful today” — I said.

A minute later, I held her hand and placed it against my chest, looked at her glittering eyes, “the more I look at you, the more beautiful you are in my eyes, you know that right?”. “I know, but its great to hear it more often” — she said. I could tell that she feel loved and it doesnt matter how many times I said it, it doesn’t seems to be enough compliments that night.

For most people in a relationships, especially Asian people, compliments to your loved ones seems to be lost amidst the course of life. It is understandly difficult for everyone to keep their heads cool and clear of stress to think of a compliment whilst providing to your families or even just yourself with 2 or 3 jobs. Moreover, the generation gap and traditional mindset from your parents could potentionally prohibit your acts of admiration towards your siginificant others — because let’s be honest, all we do is copy what our parents did. Don’t lose track of what is important in your life, and a single compliment here and there goes a long way in maintaining that relationship.

This is for guys: notice what changes in their lives, their looks, their emotions. Even when they are feeling blue, a compliment can greatly shift their moods or at least give them a smile at a time of sorrow.

This is for girls: it is ok to demand compliments from your friends, boyfriend and husband and it is ok to send it to them too. Do not be afraid because of social pressure or the traditional thinking of “men have to act first”. It is the 21st century, live a little.